UN Approved Fuel IBC

UN certified stainless steel Intermediate Bulk Container (IBC)

For transportation of fuel (diesel, petrol or a mixture of both)

Used by fuel evacuation companies

300 Litre capacity

Fuel Evacuation

Mis-fuelling is still a real problem, every year 150,000 people in the UK put the wrong fuel into their cars. Specialist fuel evacuation and car breakdown companies come to their rescue and with specialist equipment pump the fuel out. The only way to store and transport this waste fuel is in a UN certified tank approved by the VCA Department of Dangerous Goods.
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Stainless Steel UN Approved Waste Fuel Storage Tank

Stainless Steel UN Approved Waste Fuel Storage Tank

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For over ten years Jay Wolfe Metalwork have been producing a UN certified stainless steel waste fuel IBC. This tank was designed in partnership with the VCA and a fuel evacuation company, so it ticks all the boxes. The tank comes with fittings for filling, pumping out, venting and a level gauge (see data table below). While the tank is primarily designed for waste fuel storage it can be used to carry diesel, petrol or a mixture of both fuels so could also be used for anyone needing to legally transfer fuel on the road eg farmers, plant hire companies etc...

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UN Group 31A
Packing Groups II and III
Material 2mm, 304 grade stainless steel
Capacity Nominal: 280 Litres Brim: 300 Litres
Dimensions Internal External
Height 600 mm 770 mm
Length 1000 mm 1100 mm
Width 500 mm 600 mm
Inlet 1” BSPF with isolation valve
Drain 1” BSPF with isolation valve
Vent 1” BSPF with isolation valve
Level Sensor 1 ¼” BSPF – sensor and gauge inc
Tare Weight 95 Kg
Max Gross Mass 351 Kg
Internal Pressure 200 KPA (hydraulic)
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